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Get Creative! Sew a Softie!


Have you ever sewn a felt Softie?  If not, you are missing out!!!  July is Sew A Softie month and I was so excited when Trixi from at @sewasoftie (read her blog here) asked if Jillian and Rosetta and I would like to participate in the month of celebration by designing a Softie and sharing our projects here on the blog!  



Hello Friends!  I hope you are all well and staying encouraged.  It's certainly been a tumultuous time and I have to admit I've appreciated my love for sewing more than ever I think!  


I had the privilege of sewing with this beautiful new fabric collection called Country Roads by shadowrocket节点购买 and it was absolutely delightful.  I struggled with what I wanted to make and suddenly it was just calling Spring to me so tulips it was! 

I have had my eye on this Tulip Table Runner pattern by Fig Tree & Company called Tulip Farm.  This fabric was so perfect for that pattern!  

This is a really lovely fabric line that has so many beautiful prints,  stripes and there are even words to the song Country Roads!  How fun is that?  The fabric colors are beautiful with pinks, whites, and a very deep blue that I think is beautiful.  

Of course this sweet fabric called for hand quilting, which is always a favorite for me.  I chose to use two different colors of Perle Cotton #8 thread in a nice soft pink and a gray.  The colors blend so beautifully with the fabrics.


I bound the quilt in the dark blue stripe which I cut on the bias.  I really love a bias stripe binding.  I hand sewed the binding on a little differently than I have in the past and I used my Perle Cotton thread to hand sew it on the top edge.  I love how it looks!


I backed the table runner with patchwork squares of all the prints and it is as sweet as the front.  

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Daisy Mae Fabric Tour



I have to start this post by saying that there is something really special about being trusted to showcase a new fabric collection before it is even available to the public.  It is such an honor to get the fabric in the mail, sit with it in my hands and carefully look over every single detail.  It makes my heart race a little and it certainly makes me want to sew something that will do the fabric justice.  


Some time ago I had seen this quilt pattern called Meadowland by Then Came June and when I saw this lovely fabric collection I knew it would be perfect! 

I absolutely adore this quilt!!

I chose to do some straight line quilting on my sewing machine.  It was so simple and came out so stunning.  There is something about straight line quilting that I just love.  

The straight line quilting was very easy as it followed the natural lines of the blocks, so it didn't require a lot of marking.  

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I used Poppie Cotton Country Confetti in Waffle Cone (a most beautiful orange) for the binding.  At first I was worried that it wasn't going to match the other prints but you can't believe how striking it looks!

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I am just mesmerized by how striking that block is!  

I gifted the quilt to a dear friend of mine. It made me so happy to give it to her.   (Do you remember to label your quilts before gifting them?  It's such an important step!) 


I enlisted my grand-girls to help with the quilt holding and I love this picture taken from the back!  It might actually be one of my favorite pictures! 


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Daisy Mae fabric will be available in shops very soon!  

Be sure to follow the talented makers below and see what they are making with Daisy Mae:

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March 2:          Instagram: @nannygoatquilts
March 4:

Hugs Come In Many Forms


Grab some kleenex and get in a comfy seat.  Yes... this post is one of those.
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